The Coyne'r'Butch Christmas Letter 2015

  Hi, Everyone! It's another Christmas letter from Coyne'r'Butch.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2015`
It's Christmas 2015 aleady? That's not possible; here I was going to start this process in October and here I am, starting on December 25. I am sure this happens faster every year — maybe I should start next year's Christmas stuff as soon as I finish this?
Unfortunately, I truly have no idea what to say. This last year...was a year. The only really notable thing about it from my perspective is the politics...and who wants to talk about that? If there is anything needed, it is not more talk about politics.

Should I talk about my job? The only thing really notable there is that I have balanced the unbalancable. There are two ledger accounts used by the software I work on that have never balanced since that software went live in 1991. Despite off and on efforts in the intervening 24 years, the accounts have never been properly controlled. Well, they're controlled now, and balanced to the penny. An accomplishment everyone can measure!

So, of course, I've now been assigned to balance something else that is unbalancable... (I'm winning!)


At the moment, I have four cats that own me: Grace, Bright, Charlie, and Shadow. I've talked about the first three before, I think. They're all still reasonably healthy, though Grace has lost some vision.

Shadow is new, a walk-on. She had always been an outdoor cat but, over time, I was able to convince her that inside was a place that was safe to be. She's the only one of my cats that still routinely goes out.

Christmas in Florida
Christmas in Florida is weird, for someone who grew up in Wyoming. Many of you live up north, and so it might strike you as weird as well. For example, here's a few decorations for you (big picture here):

Yep, that's Santa all right...wearing a flowered wreath and a bird's nest basket on top of his cap, flanked by flamingos and palm trees wrapped in tinsel. I hope you were ready for the shock. (These were for an office party.)

Of course, it's cold up north. As I write this, it's a "balmy" 9°F in Sheridan, my old stomping grounds. Back there, the idea of holding a party outside in t-shirts is unlikely.

I have another grand-nephew, Lelouch Campbell. Quite a family now, makes me feel older. I don't think I ever did a full list of the family, so here:

  • My Dad, Coyne L. Tibbets (Sonny, passed) and my Mom, Maggie Leland Tibbets
    • Me, Coyne E. (Butch) Tibbets
    • Diane Campbell (married Glenn, not that one)
      • Heather O'Connell (married Lane O'Connell)
      • Curtis Campbell
      • Bryce Campbell (married Nadia)
        • Hamish Campbell
        • Lelouch Cambell
    • Mike Tibbets
      • Michael Coyne Tibbets
      • Jennica Tibbets
    • Susan Rochelle (married Mars Rochelle)
      • Gabe Rochelle
      • Archie Rochelle
    • Beth Welsh (married Harold Welsh)
      • Paul Welsh
      • Dante Welsh
    • David Tibbets

I probably made several errors in that list, because I'm just so good at keeping up.

A wife asked her husband, "Is that Santa I hear on the roof?"

"No. It's just the rain, dear."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.